Veronica da Souza

Hot Legs and Feet

What's going on you naughty barefoot and toe fetish boys, do you want to see me play with my toes and feet getting totally naked? Well today is your lucky day because I just had a pedicure and my feet and toes are all ready to be played with and sucked. I dreamed about playing with my feet and toes all night long and I woke up hornier than I’ve been in a while. My phones been ringing off the hook all morning but I’ve had other things on my mind. Now that I’m all dolled up and your here to watch I can do all the things I dreamed about last night. I walked over to my sofa and rubbed my foot up my legs looking over my shoulder just to make sure you were there, rubbing my legs up and down and rubbing my foot on the other. I sat down on my sofa and dragged my foot across the floor and then I ran my foot up the leg of the other before putting it back down on the floor. I crossed my legs and rubbed my foot and little toes and then reached up and rubbed my breast and then I stood up and took off my bra and started playing with my boobs and nipples. With my bra still in my hand I rubbed my legs before tossing it to the side and then I leaned up against the sofa and stuck my ass way out, rubbing my foot up and down my leg first one and then the other. I got on the sofa on my knees and lifted my feet up towards my ass and then I leaned forward and started rubbing my shoes and feet and playing with my toes. I stood up and slowly pulled my panties down to my feet and then I sat down on the sofa and took my panties off and rubbed my legs and feet all over before putting them back down and played with it on the floor and rubbed my legs up and down from my feet to my warm soft thighs. I slipped of my shoe and put the straps between my big toe and the rest and then I lifted my leg and extended it out letting my shoe just dangle and hang. I placed my shoe on the floor and extended my leg out on the sofa, rubbing my leg down to my foot and then waving it and flexing my cute little toes. I slipped off my other shoe and hung it from my foot, moving my toes up and down before putting it back on the floor. I put my legs together and extended them both out and then I started rubbing my feet together and then I put them down towards the floor and wiggled my horny little toes. I put my feet up and spread my legs wide and started rubbing them on the sofa and then I put my feet up on the arm of the sofa and started spreading and wiggling my toes. I put my feet together and extended my legs all the way out, rubbing one of my feet up the leg of the other and then I got up on my knees and reached all the way back and rubbed my feet all over before sitting back down and on the sofa and started wiggling my toes. I stood up on my toes and then rubbed one foot up the leg of the other and then i laid down on my stomach and waved my feet and wiggled my toes good bye.


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